HELLO FRIIIIIDAY!!! (Until we meet again)


Hmmmm It’s okay to go bananas  for a change ( literally smiles) in case you don’t understand I mean it’s wonderful to go crazy or experience crazy things maybe I should use the word WEIRD !  As long as it brings the positive out of you then you are in the right path . Today let’s just I’m taking down to the wild minds of creativity , experience the daily journeys  of the innovative in other words . It’s not that we have it easy but it’s that we create it to make it easy .   Get yourself involved in different activities that will open your mind in an extraordinary way . Understand that some of the frustration that you face are as a result of doing the same things everyday and that’s BORING !!!   So here’s the way I  destroy  loopholes of negativity. 

 As you can see above are  2 of many things I love that keep my joy going , a pen and a book . It’s not just a pen and a book the two have a value from my perspective . There’s a positive quote on each stationery . Just seeing that would enlighten my mood and that could be a start to something more exciting but everyday has a new level of excitement . So  let’s see where the next best thing was taking place . 

Oh look! I see some some sugar above 😉😉😉 thank God I didn’t find the Codename: Kids Next  Door  to kick me out cause there was lots of goodies in there manufactured  by our local people who were unprivileged at first but given jobs to express their creative talent and i felt like an adult villain grabbing the kids fun seeing and experiencing all that . 😌 It’s not being a villain actually it just had to expressed that way because others forget to have fun in other aspects and call it a crime or childish but remember you’re never to old to explore or to have fun.  since the challenge was for my creative mind to open up 10 times more than before I was very observant with everything around me  and learned so much and that’s why this blog was opened in the first place to share my experience positively and others too and the positive from the challenges.  Here’s one of the things that caught my eyes or what would inspire me too write more .  

I’m sure you have read the above message on the snap . Apart from not forgetting to unleash the kid incarnet but also see the creative aspect or the art because art speak in so many ways and that’s why it’s different . I love stuffed animals , once upon a time I had an opportunity to create my own and still have them and it’s a great honor to receive a handmade one as a gift to . They keep the energy happy , how ? Well they are adorable and different and someone’s idea and it’s important to appreciate because when we appreciate an idea we learn and we eventually adapt to being innovative as well . Moving on to the next ,  that’s exactly how the journey was I was left unaware of where we were headed I just knew there was a next  because my friend , my mentor and sister put me on mischievous adventure and yes that’s her nickname . Once again thanks Sam !   Know that life is not meant to be a competition but meant to make memories , they are so many things you could do . You can’t afford to miss it because of worring about useless things . Tell yourself BON VOYAGE HEADING ON A VAKAY!!!   
I’m sure this kitty is on vacation that’s why she’s discovered her abilities , who knew cats were that flexible and could read 😱 😂

 Okay! Hope that woke you up some more , now back to the real story cause it’s pretty adventurous , welcome to our world . Our ? Yes ours !! Look below 👇🏽 
As we grow we learn more , we question more . Ever asked yourself why certain people you call friends don’t even act like they should but keep that connection with you ? That’s because they aren’t friends they are ACQUAINTANCES. An acquaintance is someone recognized by sight or someone known, though not intimately.  We actually think to know someone means you are automatically friends or someone you meet the first time you become friends , wrong ! Friendship is earned , it’s not materialistic, it’s not evaluated on how much diamond or gold one has , it’s not developed   how much you have in common because say those common things are useless then the friendship becomes useless too because what new things will you learn from each other? What will you impart in eachother? In a friendship you both gain  positively and even the common things become versatile in that friendship because of the depth in it. The sacrifices you both put in . It’s about EFFORTLESS EFFORT . I shouldn’t have to be forced to be your friend and you shouldn’t have to force me it will just flow . Comfortability is key as well because a friend wouldn’t want to be judged if he or she expresses their issues , they are simply expecting comfort , advice, solution . If you still feel that sense of loneliness check your surrounding , your company. I once thought I was a loner because I have a few friends but it turns out I’m way more popular that ever because the few friends are valuable.  Mind you a friend isn’t a therapist just because that friend gives truthful advice. Think about it everytime  Destiny had a problem she runs to Kristy for help when she gets it she leaves for months , is that really a friendship? Nope it’s not ! That’s an unpaid therapy session and it’s time you start charging. I’m not saying give Advice is bad but mind who you give it too because some people just exhausted your words of wisdom for nothing and you’re left with nothing and then to recharge yourself you depend entirely on you . That was one of my learning experiences on this journey. 

There was so much to learn from the adventures of Friday and I wish I could  summarize it all but  I can’t on the bright side from what ever I learned I’d apply it and share it on my next post . Is not over yet cause I’m still going to post more photographs and the inspirational stuff that go with each of them and you will tap in to  the match that keeps the fire in me burning .  


For us who find positivity easily it’s a pleasure to share it to everyone because it creates that happiness, no one has it perfect but I always say strive for it , don’t  allow moods to over power you. 

 Selfie time is always delightful! With an art universe as a background.

Flowers remind me  that we were all a seed when we started our journey and now we are very close to blooming .  

A writer falls in love with an idea and gets carried away , a writer  falls in love with a book and creates art , a writer falls in love with art and creates a story .  

A whole lot of happiness is never Even enough when great minds are together . 

Embracing the motherlands talent . There is hope in our country. 

Then I was surprised with this scrumptious meal . My taste buds weren’t ready but it was as shock as when I tried the traditional Hawaiian pizza . Oolala! 😂 

 But first coffee 😁😁😁
On our way to the other unknown locations I was in awe , I was excited  and super curious because I didn’t know what was coming for I just knew I was in for a treat , a new experiment.  
Then i met with a dream I thought died within me  I call  that dream THE FASHIONISTA!   Passing through this place had an impact a huge one , it awakened to things that I thought I lost . The passion for fashion and that 8 year old aspiring model who believed she could be anything she wanted a princess, a mad scientist ( oh yes ! She got inspired by the crazy physicist Albert Einstein and Dexter from Dexters Laborotory … Major throwback huh ? ) Some dreams may seem impossible to come true but to be honest we do fulfill them in a way just assess yourself . When you had a dream to be a chef  but you can’t do it as a career but you try new recipes for the family and friends and seeing them enjoy it is a dream come true .      

Entering the den of dream catching. 

 A clear definition of a dream come true putting on that designer shirt  ( unisex )   And I came to know a little bit about the honor who owns the company and the brand name is her fathers surname , I was beyond  inspired but awakened . 
 Like I said above I was awakened , and  now you must be wondering why the post is a photograph of UNBRANDED SHOES  well at this particular moment of the day I remembered something , we know about several kinds of brands like Puma ,  Adidas  , Nike and Chanel . Those few I’ve mentioned have been in the business for quite sometime and we all like to rock them but then never forget take the step to walk in your own brand , create yourself and learn from the experts and represent your motherland 

  Life should be your play ground  because you make the rules and you’re playing the game and most of all having fun .A photograph of homemade Zambian 🇿🇲 scented candles ,y favorite is vanilla .  Beautiful aromas awaken my soul to breathe and tell me how blessed I am to be alive.👇🏽😍

Did I mention we took a flight to Italy  🇮🇹😃 and mama Mia I was in for a new experiment with food . We all know traditional Hawaiian pizza but what I had there was new to my taste buds and it surely left me craving for more and  I loved! Believe me im not even a  pizza person because I’ve wasnt impressed with most of the pizza’s I’ve had lately but when I tried the one below it left my mouth watering it was so thin and crispy just the way it should be . I am sort of a food critic and a picky eater for me food is happiness and I love to cook so when I cook I make sure it leaves the taste buds crying for more and I don’t even realize when I’m satisfied and I’m yet to learn more new recipes which I’ll be glad to share eventually.

As I experienced the day I was asked a question and that was ” who am I?”  Many people who have not known who they’re would basically answer according to what they do and not what they are born to do (passion ) and if you do not answer accordingly you need to start seeking I find yourself and then you’re journey begins .  So below is another picture that reminds me who I am and how I have to be strong for myself and also those who are inspired and still need to catch up with themselves and how much I find pleasure in bringing this lovely aura to the world .

I believe I’ve said quite a lot and now I am about to mark the end but not really the end of this particular story . I just want to take the time to thank my mentor but honestly she is more than that she is my friend and my elder sister and I love her so much and we have more to achieve together and I can’t wait to express more about this  .  THERES BIGGER AND BETTER THINGS TO COME JUST STAY ALWAYS KEEP A LOOK OUT FOR MY NEXT POST you never know when a special kind  of story may come up . When I write I already have several stories ahead of each one it’s all about being organized and knowing the purpose and planning ahead then everything just flows . 

Thank you to everyone who reads and everyone yet to follow  I appreciate you and I bless you for just existing because you all have a seed within you waiting to bloom . Thank you to all my supporters and those inspired .     We ende our enlightenment adventure late and never wanted it to end because there was so much to learn and talk about and give each other but there’s more to come and I’m always willing to learn and give . You never stop learning !! 

Hope you enjoyed experiencing a little piece of my adventures . I’m a life full of it .  I am a unique creation   ,  groomed from a tradition expanded into versatility of color .  Things to trust and learn : 


😅 it’s not something I opted for but i was given a thorough learning session about it .



Sometimes we learn who our true friends are through our vulnerability so it’s not completely bad. 


Like on someone’s birthday ( a friend or family member) do something out of the usual for theme . Visit them . Try something new with them not the regular stuff like going to watch a movie or the expected things . Try to give them an Extraordinary surprise that will leave them speechless. 

For once let go of the social media stuff and pick up the phone and give someone a call , worry not about story if you are genuine friends the story will always be there .


T R U T H F U L L Y  Y O U 

To be true to yourself takes courage. It requires you to be introspective, sincere, open-minded and fair. It does not mean that you are inconsiderate or disrespectful of others. It means that you will not let others define you or make decisions for you that you should make for yourself. Just as you cannot love anyone else until you love yourself, you cannot be true to anyone else until you are true to yourself. Begin by not being afraid to be who you are! 

When you do things that are not or real or genuine you will not be happy with yourself and will end up confused. You’ll be confused because you won’t know whom to please, or how.

When you respect yourself, others will respect you. They will sense that you are strong and capable of standing up for yourself and your beliefs.When you are true to yourself, you allow your individuality and uniqueness to shine through. You respect the opinions of others but do not conform to stereotypes or their expectations of you. 

F E A R L E S S  

Why let fear control you when you don’t even know what the next minute, hour , day  and year holds for you ? Why is it so easy to connect to fear and so hard to drag courage along? Why is it that fear is so easy to be felt but hard to touch bravery ? Why is it that we fear death when we don’t know when it will approach us ? Why are we are  afraid to express our feelings to a person ? Why do we fear being alone ? Why do we fear the beginning of a new journey ?  

Nervous : highly strung, easily frightened, easily agitated, anxious, edgy, tense .  Things we’ve all experienced before  and not necessarily easy to get rid of and all linked to fear .  Is it possible to be fearless ?  probably it is possible if we look at the word fearless , why not look at it like their two kinds of words first like fear and less , I like to play with words so now let’s play with the word fearless .  Less- fear : meaning fear is in existence but less proves that’s it’s very little and that’s where my title came from . To be honest they are moments when fear creeps in and you can choose to empower it or revoke it !  

Revoking would be the best choice and that’s when you light up the fighter and it keeps burning to you  get over what held you down , that rage that was there before will leave you.  

 In moments of fear here’s something to revoke you: 


To Be or Not To Be ? 

To be accepted in a society that forces you to live a life that doesn’t please you or not to be accepted by  society but have a criteria that fits you best ? A question you need to ask yourself from time to time as you work towards your goals or improving your self esteem.  

Once upon a time I was a girl with low self esteem , I actually was the girl who wouldnt fit in . First of all I was over weight but it didn’t bother me until  people started to point it out. I will  not elaborate the whole story but I will explain more on why I asked whether we have to be accepted or not , what’s wrong with being different? I personally believe in diversification  especially after all my experiences which I will post one day . My experiences taught me to accept who I am and helped me to realize that not everyone will accept you for who you are , people will always want to judge you based on your looks first and not your character , if you aren’t living up to a person’s standard then you are worthless . Living to be accepted will only make you a puppet , being wherever the crowd is , forced to speak what you don’t think , to act what you don’t practice, simply not having a mind of your own or not being able to express individualism . I tend to wonder how we come to that level and yet God is our creator and knew what he was doing when he made each one of us . Take a moment and think of how life would be if we were all the same ,like imagine all of us having similar features moving around like robots trained to walk , talk and have similar characteristics . Why can’t we accept not being accepted but accept being different and understand that we are made to function differently . I’ve analyzed that the need for a human to be accepted happens a lot when you’re a teenager up to your early twenties because of pressure and is the pressure from the need to be ” cool ” , what is to be cool ? The slang word for awesome or popular and who says being you isn’t awesome ? Questions I should have asked my low esteemed self , if you’re going to point about my weight , why not provide solution? But non of them did all they did was tease.  The so called categorized as cool kids equally have there own flaws but hide their  flaws to seem perfect then there’s “you” someone who lives realistically , you make dumb mistakes ,you are silly , experience challenges and overcome them , you are weird  but that’s who you are and you should embrace it , love who you are and don’t change  yourself for another human being and let your uniqueness shine brighter than ever . 

Reality Check 

Hey everyone ! I’m super psyched for the week  and my cousin birthdays tomorrow I guess that’s one of the reasons I’m mentally prepared and excited because we are celebrating her life but before I go off topic yapping about how much I love my cousin let me get to the point , The reality check , I’m sure you are wondering what’s on my mind to bring up such a topic or have such a title well I have various reasons and as you read I hope you understand my  point and where the positivity kicks in.

What comes to your mind when you think about a reality check ?  Probably when the weekends over and it’s a Monday and you have so much work on your table and you are panicking about that because you are back to the basics of life  and not having enough sleep  or having that weekend getaway at the spa. Now I ask is the reality check a bad thing ? Most would say yes because they didn’t spend the weekend the way they should have and at a blink of an eye it’s Monday already or you just realized you are still not over that particular relationship you had and you think you will ignite feelings , well here’s a better reality check you actually do not have to  feel bad for it . You may have not completed that assignment but  you can still get it done ✅ you  didn’t want the weekend to end because you knew that there’s a day called Monday but here’s another reality check with out Monday we wouldn’t be able to get to Friday ✅ I know what you might be asking , what’s the point of elaborating all that ? My point is for you to see the benefits of  reality and how it’s not always petrifying but instead can encourage you through the day because when you realize something you are definitely going to embrace and then you will ask how can you embrace it for example: in the introduction I used the word psyched to express how mentally prepped for the week I am that’s start  , so it all begins in your mind , once your mind begins to realize the horrifying  things quickly shift the gear into  positive  mode when your minds tuned the right way even your work ethics improve and you won’t have to feel a drag after that reality check . Understand that the examples are given are not the only times when you have to get back to reality every day we live there’s a moment when we feel that slap on the face and feel defeated but now I’ve given the self defense needed to over come that thoughtful mind that tends to get us jittery and for the side of the mind that can keep us focused . 

Thanks for taking the time to read this continue finding the positive side in you Honestly the journey is quite fun and satisfying .😄😄😄

“Life as an international student: not quite struggle free but totes worth it!”

My name is Mifaly Andriamady and I am originally from Madagascar. I am currently an international student here in Toronto, Canada but before getting here, I have gone through a long journey that has shaped the person I am today. New yet Adapted. Hungry for adventures. Torn between homes. Different. Unique. Yet, maybe just like them. And lastly, an embracer of struggles.

Before coming to Canada, I have lived in two countries that started off foreign and slowly turned into homes to my heart: Morocco and Zambia. Being new to different places can be fun at the very beginning: you have your own dreams that should be accomplished in this place, you imagine a spectacular life where you just ‘fit in’ and then you start to feel like you belong there, a “struggle-free” sort of life shall we say.

Almost 2 years of being in Canada, and all I can say is that this life has been a real roller coaster. It started off well and slow, I have reached different peaks of happiness, sadness, stress and out of nowhere, or thanks to the Energy Source or thank God – however you would like to interpret the miracles, the rainbow would finally come out of the various storms.

Being an international student can be very hard especially when the feeling of not “fitting in” hits you in the middle of a conversation, when some slangs are being used, leaving you utterly confused as if your whole life has been a lie. I am an African, Malagasy girl. My exposure to North American things or to the English speaking world as a whole was limited to random shows with seasons that would not finish, some old ads about Ketchup and some songs that I have been trying to understand since I started learning English.

It is not the worse thing in the world though. I was obviously very scared of not belonging here, but the more I went out and spoke to people, the more I realized that I am not alone. There are people who understand me and who are also interested in learning about my story and my culture. I realized that there are people who share the same interests as I do, who have the same opinions as I do, as well as people who support everything that I do!

The main struggles that I have personally faced revolved around self-esteem, feeling out of place, homesickness and having to be and remain independent in the majority of the situations.

Self-esteem: English is my third language and the majority of people I am studying with are people whose first baby words were in English, whose dreams are happening and told in English, basically… native speakers. There are days where I would still struggle to understand a situation due to a language barrier, however the one thing that has always kept me going is remembering that I am here to learn and if I do not know something, that is completely okay.

I am also part of a highly competitive program, but it is no fun when your self-esteem is realistically lower than your actual GPA on a scale of 0 to 4.0. I do work hard as a person, and I do get really good grades that I should force myself to be proud of. However, there is still this constant idea that I am not doing/ good enough because I am different. I am not the only one who has gone through such thoughts though. But I find it quite ironic and sad how I allow myself to think this way and beat myself down whenever I want to. However, when such thoughts come across my friends’ minds, I am so quick to comfort them and remind them about how awesome they are and how, doing things in their own way is the most beautiful and important thing about them.

Overtime, I have learnt to follow my own advice to my friends. I may not follow it everyday, but I have improved for sure. It is okay to be different. You grew up differently and it is the most unique thing about yourself. No one can take that away from you. Comparison to others is a terrible disease and you do not want to get sick in a foreign country.


Feeling out of place and homesickness: my old weekly routine would often be 80% studying and reading, 15% skyping with parents and trying (but failing) to catch up with friends. The remaining 5% is about taking care of myself. Quite depressing, I know. But I think I had to go through all that, to truly realize the importance of the things that I did not pay attention to before.

Sometimes, being a workaholic makes me feel like I belong here – because everybody else is a workaholic. It makes me feel as if this is exactly what I am supposed to do. However, it is not that easy when you need support from familiar faces. My lifestyle is very different from domestic students. They get to see their parents everyday, but I have to find and make time to skype with mine. They get to meet up with their high school friends, but Whatssapp is my only way to stay in touch with mine. They can complain to their parents, speak to them about anything that could be bothering them but… I refrain from complaining too much in the fear of disappointing my parents and making them worry about someone who is way too far away from them.

I have personally made some changes though, and decided that my grades could, and should come second or third on my list of priorities. What matter the most now are my family and my health (both physical and mental), and as long as I am alive and emotionally supported, good grades will eventually come along.

It took a huge switch in perspective to realize all this. It was scary at the beginning, because I thought to myself: “not focusing on my grades would make me less compared to the others. I will not be as good as they are anymore”. But honestly, grades are just grades. As long as great efforts are put into my exams and my assignments, I will be happy with any result.

Time spent skyping with family on the other hand, cannot be graded. There is just never enough of it, and there should not be such thing as too much of it. Family has now come first and should stay first. Period.


Being independent: coming to University and being on my own (most of the time) have become my opportunities to become a Bold, Strong and Independent woman without any physical person forcing me to be so. It was literally the only choice that Life gave me. And I am grateful for it. I have to stay strong to keep going, I have to be independent if I want to get things done – such as finding a place to live, or buying food for myself so that I do not starve. I have to be smart on how I use my money, restrict myself on the things I should and should not buy – this is the hardest thing ever to do when you live among such a consumerist society that values more the latest trends in fashion rather than how you are doing with life as a whole.

Staying Strong and Independent is a goal that I have to keep reaching everyday. And sometimes, it is not reachable when you feel homesick, when you think about your heartbreaks and start questioning your value and worth – because perhaps your worthlessness is the reason why that boy left you (I am a hopeless romantic). NOT FUN AT ALL.

How do I deal with all this though? Self empowerment books that speak to me and friends who love me. There is no such thing as too many of them.

Self empowerment books have helped me to tune in with my inner self and bring out my inner strength and drive. They have been boosting my self confidence – as well as my GPA ;).

Spending time and catching up with friends have allowed me to become a stronger woman. I get to feel loved and appreciated. We get to dream about our future selves and how Badass we will become.

Talking about my worries with my them has also helped me to embrace the struggles that I go through, as we get to think about plausible solutions together.

I am grateful and proud to say that I have come out of my experiences so far, as a better and stronger woman.


Life, there is more of you that I cannot wait to see!



Monday Motivation 

If your day didnt start the way you wanted it to there’s always plan B don’t feel bad  , do not be afraid get back to the drawing board , motivate yourself , because no one really knows what you want except you , block your ears to the sound of negativity , find the aura within you , put together things that motivate you it could be quotes , music , hot chocolate what ever will give you the motivation to focus on your task take it so that you can reach that goal. I’m pretty sure you have had it with always being brought down in so many ways  well here’s an encouragement  Deuteronomy 28:13 The Lord will make you the head, not the tail. If you pay attention to the commands of the Lord your God that I give you this day and carefully follow them, you will always be at the top, never at the bottom. That’s all the motivation you need to know who you are and to know how to push your self to start . 





A friend of mine gave me those 3 simple words to be self motivated and passing it on to you all because it’s never left my heart. Only person you should compete with is with yourself, doesn’t that ring a bell?